Personal Space

Right. Today I want to talk about personal space. Yesterday I was at the supermarket by the yoghurt section. This chick comes up behind me and starts checking out the yoghurt shelf as well. What’s wrong with that you may ask? Well, nothing except she was practically standing on top of me! I could hear her breathing! I just turned around and gave her the dirtiest look I could! Why do people do that though? Like there’s so much space all around but someone wants to be all up in my personal space. I find that extremely annoying. Or those people who just like randomly touching others. Especially when they’re telling what they think is a really funny story. Like what’s that all about? Unless you’re my mother, husband/boyfriend, child or really close friend, DON”T TOUCH ME!

6358615898682533131380911688_201504_1528_icagb_smI really almost flipped out this one day. I walked into this boutique and one of the sales ladies just fell in love with my box braids (which were dope I must admit). Did she not just come up to me and stick her hand into my hair! Bruh! I think her guardian angel was working overtime that day because all I did was quickly move my head out the way and give her a dirty look. Not that she got the message. She keep going on about how lovely my braids were and how she can never find someone to do hers that nicely. Her colleague read the situation though and quickly said “Musangobata misoro yevanhu, vamwe havazvifarire” (Don’t go touching people’s heads, some people don’t like it).

PSI_largeThen there those people who think standing in a queue is the perfect excuse to rub up against you. Ewwww! We’re standing in a queue for goodness sake. Pushing me with your pot-belly is NOT going to get you to the till any faster! I remember my mom got so annoyed at this guy the one time. She would move, he would move too. She gave him dirty looks hoping he’d realise what he was doing but nope, dude completely ignore her. She ended up asking him what his story was and he quipped “Ah, ko munoshamisira chiiko musingadi kugumwa?” (What’s so special about you that you don’t want physical contact with others) Yeaah. Wow.

Proxemics is the study of human spacial requirements and the effects thereof on behaviour, communication, and social interaction (you see, it’s not just me being fussy, it’s actually a thing!😜). In Proxemics, the below diagram is used to gauge the effect of distance on behaviour and communication. 800px-Personal_Space.svg

Of course they’re not saying walk around with a tape measure and measure your distance from other people all day long. All they’re saying is just be cognisant of the fact that some people, like me, don’t like their personal space invaded. Some people don’t mind or even notice at all.

Have you guys ever had an interesting cases of personal space invasion? Do let me know about them in the comments section below!

Ciao! 😘

9 thoughts on “Personal Space”

  1. Story of my life! There’s this one guy at my church who insists on touching me every chance he gets. I’m so tired of yelling at him I pretty much just run away when I see him. No matter how much you tell him, DO NOT TOUCH ME, I don’t like it, he won’t listen. It bothers me that people out there think it’s okay to just touch people. Like no. Get out of my space. I don’t even like my sister or significant other have their body parts touch me when I’m asleep. I wake up and be like MOVE! Lol
    Great post.

  2. This was a lovely post! I hope lots of people got to read this. I don’t like people touching me or sitting too close to me. The worst are people who do random visits or insist on a sleepover without my approval. I will be like WHAT THE HECK??!! People must just know that some things are just not cool.

  3. So true, i really belive one`s personal space should be respected. i had the same situation as yours were someone, was just touching my hair because their loved the braids i had, i felt so annoyed and just moved my head, and there are some people who cant stop touching people when they are telling a story or joke,it irritates me. people should learn keep their hands to themselves. #donttouchme

  4. This other day I was walking in town and I guess this chick behind me needed to get past me but it was a bit of a squeeze, guess what she did, she put her hand around my waist so she could leverage herself past me. I wasn’t moved by the leveraging as much as I was made livid by the intimate nature of her putting her arm around my waist. Ndakatsamwa zvisingaite! Random stranger shamwari! I don’t even like my peeps touching me like that!!!!

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