Thank you MakaitahRogue for this nomination! 😊 Such an honour! I feel like I should write an acceptance speech or something lol. If y’all are looking for some razor sharp wit and humour, do check out Makaitah’s blog MakaitahRogue 😀




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4. Share seven facts about yourself.

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  1. res_1454359911069-1I’m such a paradox. Most probably one of the most complicated people you’ll ever meet 😛
  2. I’m way older than I look. I have left many a broken twenty-something-old hearts in my wake because of this lol 😂😂😂
  3. I love love love to travel and see the world and see how different people live. I actually want to go on a road trip around the SADC states but I need a travel partner😕…Anyone? *looks around hopefully*
  4. I’m really short but I’ve never actually FELT short lol
  5. Laz Alonso is my husband…..he just doesn’t know it yet 😋😍
  6. I love shoes! I don’t even know how many pairs of heels I own 🙈 I really, REALLY need to stop buying shoes, like seriously! 👠👠👠
  7. I’m such a foodie!


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