Happy International Women’s Day!


Happy International Women’s Day to all you gorgeous ladies across the world! I was sitting here trying to decide which topic to write about today. There are dozens and dozens of women-related topics I could write about. Seeing as I am still riding that Black Panther high, let me talk about the goddesses in Black Panther.

Like many of you who have watched this epic movie, I absolutely adore the women of Wakanda. If you open a dictionary and look up the word badass, you’re likely going to see a picture of General Okoye, Nakia and Shuri. Did you notice how the Wakandan women, well, at least Okoye and Nakia, seem to almost have it all? One of the greatest questions for us women is are we able to have it all? A great career and an equally great personal life? Nakia and Okoye are the best at what they do. Let’s look at those two in a little more detail shall we?

General Okoye
She is as badass as they come. Okoye is the leader of the Dora Milaje and her mandate is to protect Wakanda and its king. She is fiercely loyal to the throne and will do whatever it takes to protect whoever sits on it. Her position as protector of the king and head of the armed forces is very high ranking, dangerous and requires great skill. I would like to believe she outclassed many men to get that position because she simply was and is the best. Okoye’s love interest is W’Kabi, head of security of Wakanda’s Border tribe. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when, during battle, W’Kabi asks Okoye if she would kill him. She basically says don’t try me bitch because I will kill you right here, right now without a second thought for Wakanda (not her exact words but basically what she meant lol). I loved that scene not because I want us women to be heartless demons but because I’m tired of scenes where women usually go against their convictions and choose their love interest. Okoye is not.about.that.life!
Nakia is a spy and a member of the War Dogs (the War Dogs are basically like Wakanda’s CIA). She is also T’Challa’s ex (but they’re both obviously still all the way in their feelings about each other). Again, like Okoye, she is the best of the best. Several times in the movie T’Challa asks her to come back home (obviously so they can settle down etc.), but she refuses as she knows she can be more effective and do what she is passionate about away from Wakanda (at least, for now). T’Challa respects her decision and guess what? She doesn’t lose him. He is still as smitten as ever. Too many times women give up their dreams and what they really want to do because they are afraid of losing a man. We are afraid of going after what we really want because we fear becoming too powerful such that men will be intimidated and we won’t get married. This is especially true here in Africa where young girls are taught that their main goal in life is to get married. Don’t do anything that might scare off the men! (eye roll). Marriage is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong. But not at the detrinment of ones own dreams and aspirations. The ladies of Wakanda seem to concur with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie when she said “The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in”.




I love, love, love Shuri! She is the energetic, young princess of Wakanda and a technological genius. She is basically in charge of Wakanda’s technological innovations, something she obviously excels at. I love Shuri’s character because she shows young girls that they CAN excel in the science and technology field (or any other of their choosing that is usually male dominated). Not only does she run the country’s technology, she has loads of fun doing it too!


To answer the question I asked at the beginning of this post, I honestly don’t believe that we as women can really, really have it all. Something has to be sacrificed. Either your career or your presonal life. It might be perfect for a while but burnout, which is a real thing will settle in sooner or later. However, with the right support structures from each other and from our men, we can certainly come damn close like the Wakandan ladies! Let us keep pressing on and fighting for equal rights and equal recognition so that one day, we will come as close as we can to having it all!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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