I was watching some music vids on YouTube the other day and found myself watching the video for Madonna’s Frozen, which I absolutely love. I ended up having a great hour or two, watching all these Madonna songs. At the end of it all, I was left wondering how on earth it took me so long to do a post on my favourite Madonna songs.

You really honestly cannot talk about the greatest musicians and artists of all time without mentioning Mads. You just can’t. She’s always been one to successfully push the creative envelope and give us hit after hit. Madonna is obviously a very sensual person and I love that she isn’t afraid to express that in her music. I hadn’t listened to her music in such a long time and so I was like a kid in a candy store and kept clicking next, next, next on YouTube!

As always, when there is an artist whose craft I love, I struggle to limit the number of songs to share with you guys. I had to cut out two or three songs so I could give you a list of my top ten favourite Madonna songs. Enjoy!



The song that triggered this post. I like this song. I like the video. Some might say it is dark somehow. But I think that’s what I like about it.


I’ll Remember

I remember watching this movie way back when. Still love the song.


The Power of Goodbye

Goran Višnjić looked good in this video and could totally get it! 😛



Take A Bow

I don’t remember what the story was with this song and the next one but they seem connected somehow. Movie soundtrack perhaps? I honestly don’t remember…


You’ll See





“Strike a pose”.




Die Another Day

When we had a Bond that actually looked like a Bond. Pierce Brosnan killed the heck out of that role. Daniel Craig just does not do it for me. At all!


Whose That Girl

This song reminds me of my childhood. I remember hearing this when I was probably at nursery school or somewhere around that age. Still a great song!


Who is a fellow Madonna fan here? Do tell which your favourite songs are in the comments section below!