I never really used to spend much, if any, time on YouTube until I went natural five years ago. I only started going on YouTube because I was doing research on natural hair and how to take care of it properly. But you know what YouTube is like. It can really feel like you’re in Alice in Wonderland and have fallen down a rabbit hole. One minute you are checking out a natural hair video and the next you’re so engrossed in alien sightings and Area 51 videos 😂 😂. Inevitably, over the years, I have come across YouTubers or Vloggers that have become favourites and whose channels I have subscribed to. You will find that many of them are natural hair vloggers who have diversified into including travel and “story-time” into their content. I do love a good story!

So sit back, relax, and check out my top 10 favourite vloggers. Hopefully, you will also find one or two you will want to subscribe to!

Dimah Umeh

I love love Dimah! I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon her blog but I’m ever so glad I did. In my head, we’re friends lol! This is a great lifestyle channel which mainly focuses on make-up, fashion and style. Dimah also treats us to lots of funny random stories and occassionaly takes us with her on her travels. Click subscribe and watch later. I promise you won’t regret it!

Brendan Fallis

I love Brendan and his gorgeous wife Hannah. I followed this channel mainly because of all the travel. These guys know nice things and they visit the yummiest places. I always feel like hopping on an airplane to wherever after watching one of their vids!

Someone take me to Lake Como PLEASE!!

Chizi Duru

Lol. Let me just say this chick is a bit crazy, I love it. She gives me those crazy-little-sister vibes. Very energetic. Very open and honest. I believe I started following Chizi’s channel because she was one of the first 4b/4c hair YouTubers I came across. Follow her for lots of laughs and of course hair tips.

Over 25

This one is a somewhat recent discovery which quickly became a fave. This is basically a few young adults (over 25) who get together to discuss all sorts of things that young adults experience. Very interesting. Very funny.

Roman’s Cooking Corner

I love, love this little cook and his YouTube show. Roman is a two year old chef and he’s always excited to show off his culinary skills. I love how his mom let’s him do his thing without interrupting him or correcting him every two seconds. I think that really helps build his confidence. I also love how he has such great manners. All the little “please” and “thank you’s” are so cute!

Fusion of Cultures

Honestly. The only reason I follow this channel is because Laila’s hair is just hair goals. I could just sit here and stare at her hair all day. This is a great channel for natural hair (4b/4c) care tips and tricks.

Almost Parisienne

I love this channel even though they post like once a year 🙄. Probably because I have been obsessed with going back to Paris ever since I went many years ago. I’ll definitely make use of La Vie Locale when I go back (soon).


This is another of the very first channels I started following when I embarked on my natural hair journey. Adede’s hair type and density is very similar to mine and so I occasionally come to her channel for some hair style inspiration 🤗 I also like the way she speaks. She seems like such a sweet and calm character.

The Luxury Travel Expert

Another relatively new discovery. As you may or may not know, I love travelling. This channel honestly always makes me question my life. I want to go to all these places at once but my pocket is like 🥴🥴 If you like travelling, you’ll love this channel.

Chilled Cow

I’m a music lover and the Chilled Cow channel is one of the best discoveries I have ever made. If you’re a fan of “chill-out” music or lofi hip hop, this is definitely the channel for you. You’re welcome 🙃

I have other channels and vloggers that I watch but I think it’s safe to say these 10 are the ones I watch (or listen to in the case of Chilled Cow) on the regular. I am however, looking for more channels and vloggers to follow. Of special interest are travel vloggers (all the better if they originate from somewhere in Africa) as well as female vloggers who are 30+ (age). Any Zimbabwean vloggers out there? Drop your links in the comments section below!

I hope you guys found at least one channel that tickled your fancy. Which are your favourite vloggers and YouTube channels? Leave the links below so I can check them out too!