This is one of those blog posts that I was totally convinced I had already shared with you guys ages ago. I mean, Evanescence is like one of my favourite groups ever EVERRR, I was so sure I had done this eons ago. Apparently not. I usually listen to Evanescence when I’m feeling emotional. Either really sad or really pissed off. Their music helps me to feel whatever it is I need to feel and then calm down or get over it. Tip: If you find me listening to Evanescence, it’s probably not a good idea to be talking to me😁. I’m likely to be going through something or be upset about something and not feeling very chatty.

In one of my previous Music Monday posts I think I already mentioned the fact that this is one of my favourite bands that split up before I got to see then live in concert.To be honest, I don’t know if they really broke up or if they just went quiet on us.

Anyway, let’s get to it shall we. Here are most of my Evanescence faves. Enjoy!

Bring Me to Life


My Immortal

Click here if you’re interested to know why this is one of my favourite Evanescence songs.

Going Under

My Heart Is Broken

What You Want

Call Me When You’re Sober


Ok so this one is not strictly an Evanescene song but it features Amy Lee so it counts!😛


Wish this had a music video to go with…


Another video-less one🙄

Lost in Paradise

I really could add another ten Evanescene faves but let me stop here for now. How many of you are fans and which are your favourite songs and why? You know the drill. Let me know in the comments section below👇🏾

Until next time. Ciao!