Hey everyone. Here’s wishing you a great start to the week! Today is the 23rd of March and there is a week and a day left until the first quarter of the year is done and dusted. I hope we are all working hard to achieve those goals we set out to achieve at the beginning of the year!

Speaking of working hard, today’s  Music Monday is focusing on a lady who I think is one of the most hard working in the music industry. According to Forbes, as at end of 2019, Beyonce was worth a whopping US$400 million!

As a teen, Destiny’s Child was one of my favourite girl groups. When they split up, I obviously followed their individual careers. To be honest, I am not a member of the Beyhive neither am I very big fan of Bey’s. However, I do appreciate her music and I definitely respect her for the obvious hard work she puts in. I’ve checked out some of her concerts on YouTube and I certainly wouldn’t mind going to one. She definitely puts on a stellar performance!

Now we get to the good bit. The actual songs. These are my top ten favourite Beyonce songs. Enjoy!



Mrs Carter getting her sexy on…😉


Run the world



This is an interesting collaboration. I remember when Blue was born and people were convinced she looked like Drake…😁

Dangerously in Love

This is the title song from my favourite Beyonce album.

Baby Boy

Gift from a Virgo


I loved that she put Chimamanda in this song!💃🏾💃🏾

And there you have it. My favourite songs from Mrs Carter.

You know what to do in the comments section below👇🏾