So here in Zimbabwe, we join much of the world today and start a lock-down period in a bid to try and contain this evil coronavirus that has literally taken over the world and probably changed our lives forever. As an introvert, I’m quite amused and frankly taken aback by how a lot of people are really struggling with the notion of being stuck in their homes for 21 straight days. People are actually really afraid of being bored! I am sure most of you have seen the number games and things people are coming up with on social media, just to pass the time! In my world though, this is a dream come true! I get to spend 21 days at home? Only my fellow introverts will understand my excitement! We live for this sh*t! 21 days without having to do any excessive people-ling? The thought literally brings tears to my eyes!

Anyway, I totally understand that we are all wired differently and that one man’s meat is another’s poison and all that. Also, I’m sure many people will be stuck in the house with people who are not good for their mental health. I will admit that, even though I’m loving the idea of staying home for so long, I am just as scared of this whole corona situation as the next person. This tiny virus has pulled the rug from under the world’s feet and we are all spinning, whether we admit it or not. But. There really is nothing we can do. You can’t hop on a plan and run away to a different part of the world because we are ALL affected. So how do we cope? Well, for me music always helps me cope with stressful situations. Music really is a gift from up above!

So. If you’re feeling stressed today, I want you to imagine a full day in your happy place accompanied with the music that will help take you there. For me, if I could be anywhere right now, I would be chilling on the beach in Camps Bay, Cape Town, cosmo in hand. In fact, my perfect chilled out day would be:

  • Wake up late. Get a 90 minute relaxing massage.
  • Brunch/Lunch at Zenzero (I LOVE the music they play at this restaurant)
  • Spend the rest of the day lounging/chilling on the beach sippin’ cocktails and eating ice-cream
  • Dinner (and more drinks😋) at The Bungalow
  • A bit of partying and dancing at Shimmy Beach Club
  • Bed!

Let us all keep praying that we get through this sooner rather than later. When we do, we need to promise each other we will make our “perfect chilled out days” become reality. I will do another post much later on where we can all post our pictures. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just your idea of well spent day that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed at the end of it all. If you have nothing else to hold on to during this crazy time, hold on to that.

Let’s get to the good bit shall we? The music! These next 10 jams will defo be part of my chill playlist on this day. Enjoy!


One Kiss – Dua Lipa

Love love this song! Makes me want to get up and start dancing.


Doja Cat – Say So

Another current favourite of mine. This song has been playing in my brain for weeks now. I like the whole 70s disco vibe going on here. Also, if I had a body like Doja’s, I really wouldn’t know how to behave. She’s gorgeous!


DaniLeigh – Easy

The actual song starts at 0:28. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes gets annoyed by these little skits at the beginning of songs…


H.E.R – Could’ve Been

Shoot.Your.Shot. That’s all I’m saying…😉


Black Coffee & David Guetta – Drive

This song was stuck in my head for a VERY long time a few months ago. Still love it though.


Jhene Aiko – (H.O.E)

I need to dedicated a Music Monday to Jhene. Love her. Love this song. Don’t know what Future is doing there though and his lyrics are just👀. Still, I love the rest of the song.


Moloko – Sing It Back

An old fave🥰


Kylie Minogue – In Your Eyes

Destiny has a funny way
When it comes and takes all your cares away
I can’t think of a single thing
Other than what a beautiful state I’m in


Mr. Probz – Waves

Love love this song! 🌊


Ariana Grande – One Last Time

Last but not least, Ariana’s One Last Time. After this crazy period guys, I think we all need to just shoot our shots hey. If there’s that one person you’ve been secretly eyeing, make your move, life is too short! You may just have one last time to get them! (Song starts at 0:43).


You know the drill. Let me know what your perfect chill out day will be like and of course, the day’s soundtrack.

Ciao for now and remember, stay home to stay safe!