Hey all. How is everybody doing? How are the lockdowns at all our respective locations? Are we all coping? I really hope we’re all ok. 

As I said in last Monday’s post, this is a really stressful time for most us. The uncertainty of everything right now is pushing our anxiety levels to the maximum. We all have different coping mechanisms and for me, I really honestly don’t know what I’d do without music. In times like this, I feel it’s really vital to be able to put on some relaxing music and just zone out so you can try to calm and re-centre yourself.

Jhené Aiko’s music really comes in handy in times like this. Her tunes are nice and chilled and have such a calm vibe. I’ve been listening to her music quite a bit over the couple of weeks just to help keep me calm and chilled. If you’re looking for some nice relaxing music to add to your playlist, look no further! Check out my favourite top ten songs from miss Jhené. Enjoy!

Happiness Over Everything

This is one of my favourite tunes at the moment. I’ve been playing it quite A LOT!


The Worst

I believe this was the first song of Jhené’s that I came across and instantly liked her!


Comfort Inn Ending




Love love this song! Pity I don’t smoke though.


All I Want

Wish this had a video to go with it.




The Pressure


3:16 a.m.




To Love and Die

One of my faves from Jhené.

Now many men
Many, many, many, many men
Wish death upon me
Have mercy on me
‘Cause I’m just a prisoner of your army of one😉


Now tell me you didn’t find that relaxing? Love Jhené man! She seems like such a calm person and that permeates her music too.  I also love the fact that she’s half Zambian (her dad has Zambian roots and her surname is Chilombo-You know I always stan anything that has something to do with Africa).

I hope y’all enjoyed that. I know I certainly did!

Until next time…Ciao!