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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog 🙂 My name is Tinashe Yvonne-Michelle and I am a blogger, writer, marketer (by profession) and a law student. Here we can chat about all the different topics I find interesting from travel, reviews, books, interviews of my favorite Zimbabweans, trending topics and whatever tickles our fancy really. Do check out the different categories, comment and engage. I’m positive you will find something that resonates with you. New posts every Wednesday and Monday! Also, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss all the latest posts!

Did You Know?

Yesterday morning I was kind of late for work and so I was in a bit of a rush when I left the house. I had just left the driveway when I saw something moving on the side of the road in front of me.

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#BlogIndabaWednesday – Half Thoughts — Life With Dimples

Hey all. It’s Wednesday today and that means time to crush on a fellow blogger! Our featured blogger today is Tee Madzika and his blog, … 334 more words

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#BOTY2018 Day 10: It’s My Birthday!🎁🎀🎊🍾 — Life With Dimples

For today’s #BOTY2018 blog post, we are supposed to talk about the best news story we have heard all year. Quite frankly, I cannot remember what the best news story I read or heard about this year was. 218 more words

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#BOTY2018 Day 9: Draaanks!🥂🍸🍷🥃🍹🍾 — Life With Dimples

The way I’m so excited to be writing today’s post! One would think I’ve had a few drinks already lol! Our topic of the day is “drinks”. Of course I automatically thought of the alcoholic kind. (Like why would anyone refer to orange juice as a “drink”? I’m not THAT much of a drinker but…

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