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Father’s Day is for Fathers. Period.

So today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there! I was going through my Facebook timeline this morning and came across two interesting posts on two different pages that I follow. The two posts were quite similar. On the one page, someone had posted something to the tune of “Happy father’s day to all the single mums out there” and the post on the other page simply read “Single mothers are not fathers!” Tjoooo! The carnage that is in those two posts! 😂😂😂 People are ALL THE WAY UP in their feelings like you won’t believe. This is my opinion on this evidently huge matter: Father’s day is for fathers. Period.

4f76eac6-6e0a-44e9-8d73-8da1baa638eaI don’t know what is going on with a lot of my fellow womanfolk but it seems to me that alarming number of women are mistaking feminism and equality with misandry. I mean the venom in these posts is quite shocking. Listen, I understand that a lot of single mothers are not single mothers by choice. Most of the children raised by single mothers were fathered by dead beat males. These so called men simply donated their sperm and that’s about it. I also understand that a lot of people were brought up by single mothers who did try to play the role of both parents and worked damn hard for their families. But guess what? There actually are men out there who are great fathers and who take care of their families like a real man should. These are the men we are celebrating today. We are celebrating our dads, grandfathers, brothers, husbands and uncles who were and are still there for us. We are celebrating and encouraging those good men in our lives who know what it really means to be man. Our celebrating them takes absolutely NOTHING away from you as a single mother and as a brilliant parent. One very telling comment I saw went something like “Why celebrate these deadbeat fathers anyway? Why do we encourage them?” Ermm no honey. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would have a day to celebrate those kinds of men. Like I said before, this is a day to celebrate the real fathers out there. What I see is women who are hurting and are still nursing that pain from their douchebag baby daddies. Anything positive anyone says about men, they interpret as relating to their own situation and that particular male who put them in their current situation.

I have friends who are single mothers and I honestly think they are THE most amazing people in the world. I really do. The way they provide for their children. The unfortunate stigma that is attached to single mothers. And still they carry on heads held high. They provide EVERYTHING that their children need. They are indeed super-parents! But at the end of the day, they are not fathers. They are great MOTHERS. They are fabulous PARENTS. Just not fathers. This doesn’t mean they are any less of a parent. It simply means they are not a father. They may play the father’s role but they are not a father just like a man can never be a mother no matter how caring and nurturing he is. Yes?

31fc90e6b84af07c33b9e8d77bc40c034117b07eLet the great fathers have their day please. Let us encourage those that are doing it right to keep up the good work and also pass on these values to the next generation of men. It is only one day out of the year that they get publicly celebrated. I honestly really and truly do not understand what the fuss is about. Mother’s Day comes and goes peacefully and we celebrate all mothers nicely. I am yet to see single fathers demanding to be recognised on Mother’s Day. Why can’t we do the same for our men?

Forced/Rebound relationships

Hey y’all. How’s everybody doing today? So this morning I came across the below tweets floating around on my TL:

Screenshot 2016-03-03 18.13.37

Screenshot 2016-03-03 18.14.20

Screenshot 2016-03-03 18.14.58

Screenshot 2016-03-03 18.30.03

My first reaction was that of shock and disbelief. How dare he, I thought. What a mean human being! How can he be so cruel to his poor girlfriend? But then the more I though about it, the more I actually started to feel sorry for HIM. This guy is just saying his truth. He says he just woke up today with a heavy heart thinking about this. He sounds a bit stuck really. I’m not sure I agree with him tweeting about it though because idiots are aplenty on this planet and I guarantee you someone has already made sure his girlfriend sees these tweets (he says she herself is not on Twitter).

rebound-relationshipsAnyway, he got me wondering about people and relationships. I wonder how many people are in relationships and feel like this? Pining away after your ex? Or after the person that you really love but can’t be with for whatever reason. Imagine the poor girlfriend though. She most probably thinks she’s in the greatest relationship ever and yet this guy really and truly doesn’t love her. He’s just there because she is a good person and he believes she deserves to be happy (also because he was initially attracted to her because she reminds him of his ex lol). I don’t know. I don’t have much experience with real, deep relationships so maybe my point of view is too romanticised? But I’m thinking this is one of the ways unhappy marriages and ultimately  unhappy households are created. Imagine these two get married and have kids. It may take some time but I’m sure this woman will realise this guy simply does not love her. He may do everything for her and provide for her but if he doesn’t LOVE her SHE WILL KNOW. What happens when the woman he really does love decides she wants to give it a go again? Will he remain faithful to the one he doesn’t love? Will he leave her? Will they start an affair? What if he then meets the real love of his life later and he’s now stuck with a wife he doesn’t love and a family? Will he sacrifice his happiness for them? Too much unnecessary drama methinks.

I know he didn’t ask for our advice but I think he should quit while he’s ahead. Let this other girl go. Yes she’ll be hurt but she’ll get over it and move on. Better now than years and a wedding and babies down the line. Also, he says his pride (and most probably hers too) is what’s getting in the way of him getting back together with the ex. This little thing called pride is troublesome I tell you! I don’t know why they broke up with the ex but it seems to me that he wants to try again with her but won’t because pride.

The same goes for those people who get married because the woman is pregnant and are unlikely to have done so if she hadn’t gotten pregnant. Is it possible to learn to love someone because you have no choice? I think a lot of these people end up being promiscuous because they just can’t stand to go home to the person they’re “stuck” with forever.

What do you guys think? Am I romanticising relationships too much? Are most relationships like this where one party is not in it 100%? Can you really last a  lifetime with someone you married just because they got pregnant but you didn’t really love them (or you are the one that got pregnant)? Can you “learn” to love someone? Can a relationship last where there is no love but one party is there because they feel sorry for the other? Why can’t people just swallow their pride, go forth and “seize the bae”?

Help me out here with your thoughts…


I don’t know about you guys but I’m sooo over seeing people’s “leaked” nudes all over the place. Nudes are like sooo 2012. You’re not all Kim Kardashian. Nudes will do nothing for you except potentially destroy your life. Can we move on please? Why do people still think it’s ok to distribute others’ nudes and more importantly, why the heck are women (yes women, because I’ve never seen or heard of a guy’s nudes floating around and even if there were some, nobody seems to really care about naked guys anyway) still continue to send their nudes to people and/or agree to pose naked for pictures? I just don’t get it.

I remember reading online somewhere someone who had the same sentiments as me on women refraining from sending their nudes to people. The poor guy had the keyboard feminists all over him like white on rice. Yes, women are the owners of their bodies and no-one should dictate what they do with them and all that jazz but guess what? There are and will always be douchebags in this world who will do whatever they want with the pictures you WILLINGLY hand over to them. So the choice is yours. To preserve your dignity as best you can or nah.

Seriously though. If your man is really that desperate to see you, he should just come over and see you in the flesh! That same guy who is your beloved boyfriend or even husband today could become your sworn enemy tomorrow. There is also always the possibility of that phone or laptop or whatever gadget with those pictures could get stolen and the thief will have access to everything on that laptop. Remember the hackers from last year who managed to gain access to celebrities’ iCloud accounts? Yeah.

Screenshot 2016-02-08 23.32.38I was shocked to see other women actually advocating the distribution of these nudes and videos under the guise of “educating and warning other women”. Yeah right. All they want to do discuss and laugh and pour salt onto the wounds. No-one seems to care that this could be somebody’s mother, sister, daughter. No-one actually cares.

So ladies, like I said before, it’s all up to you. If you feel an overwhelming urge to bring out your inner stripper and pose for these nudes then at the very least DO NOT SHOW YOUR FACE! At least you can deny it later! Always keep in mind the very real potential devastating consequences of those nudes should they get “leaked”. Think about the embarrassment they will cause not only to yourself but to your loved ones. Your children, your parents, friends, relatives or even future partner. Is it really worth it? Also, for my Zimbabwean sisters, you need to remember we do not have any revenge porn laws in this country. The way our society is set up, you basically cannot do a thing to the perpetrators and in fact you will be the one labelled a whore, slut etc, even though what was recorded may have been a private moment between the two of you.

Better safe than sorry I say! What say you?

Personal Space

Right. Today I want to talk about personal space. Yesterday I was at the supermarket by the yoghurt section. This chick comes up behind me and starts checking out the yoghurt shelf as well. What’s wrong with that you may ask? Well, nothing except she was practically standing on top of me! I could hear her breathing! I just turned around and gave her the dirtiest look I could! Why do people do that though? Like there’s so much space all around but someone wants to be all up in my personal space. I find that extremely annoying. Or those people who just like randomly touching others. Especially when they’re telling what they think is a really funny story. Like what’s that all about? Unless you’re my mother, husband/boyfriend, child or really close friend, DON”T TOUCH ME!

6358615898682533131380911688_201504_1528_icagb_smI really almost flipped out this one day. I walked into this boutique and one of the sales ladies just fell in love with my box braids (which were dope I must admit). Did she not just come up to me and stick her hand into my hair! Bruh! I think her guardian angel was working overtime that day because all I did was quickly move my head out the way and give her a dirty look. Not that she got the message. She keep going on about how lovely my braids were and how she can never find someone to do hers that nicely. Her colleague read the situation though and quickly said “Musangobata misoro yevanhu, vamwe havazvifarire” (Don’t go touching people’s heads, some people don’t like it).

PSI_largeThen there those people who think standing in a queue is the perfect excuse to rub up against you. Ewwww! We’re standing in a queue for goodness sake. Pushing me with your pot-belly is NOT going to get you to the till any faster! I remember my mom got so annoyed at this guy the one time. She would move, he would move too. She gave him dirty looks hoping he’d realise what he was doing but nope, dude completely ignore her. She ended up asking him what his story was and he quipped “Ah, ko munoshamisira chiiko musingadi kugumwa?” (What’s so special about you that you don’t want physical contact with others) Yeaah. Wow.

Proxemics is the study of human spacial requirements and the effects thereof on behaviour, communication, and social interaction (you see, it’s not just me being fussy, it’s actually a thing!😜). In Proxemics, the below diagram is used to gauge the effect of distance on behaviour and communication. 800px-Personal_Space.svg

Of course they’re not saying walk around with a tape measure and measure your distance from other people all day long. All they’re saying is just be cognisant of the fact that some people, like me, don’t like their personal space invaded. Some people don’t mind or even notice at all.

Have you guys ever had an interesting cases of personal space invasion? Do let me know about them in the comments section below!

Ciao! 😘

Why the modern woman allegedly cannot submit to her husband

So this morning I woke up to this interesting discussion on Twitter.  ZiFM asked why it is the modern woman finds it difficult to submit to her husband. Answers from most of the guys ranged from blaming equal rights, women watching too much TV, women being too materialistic and women not following the Bible’s instruction to submitting to their husbands (notice how not one of them put an ounce of blame on themselves) *rolls eyes* Now, I am not married and this post is MY opinion on the matter. I’m also a Christian so I will be making references to Biblical principles once or twice.

I think for us to answer this question, we need to really define what it means to be submissive, not what some people want it to mean. The first definition when you google the word submission is “the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person”. I’ve noticed a lot of people, especially guys, who know nothing about what’s in the Bible somehow all know that verse that says wives should submit to their husbands lol. Below is that verse in it’s context because somehow the following bit about the husbands loving their wives and being capable leaders seems to get lost in translation. Please read the text before and after to get a full appreciation of what the couple and not just the wife is being asked to do.

Screenshot 2016-01-22 00.20.53

I’m not going to conduct a Bible study class here and have an in-depth analysis of what all this means. However, I’d like to believe that any person of standard intelligence can deduce that yes, the wife is being instructed to submit to her husband but the husband is also being instructed to love his wife just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. That last bit I’ve highlighted is loaded yo! Guys, are you seeing this? Can you do what Christ did for you for your wife??? It is my opinion that one cannot happen without the other. Without love there is not respect and vice versa. Submission here does not mean say yes to everything and question nothing. It does not mean you are your husbands slave. It does not mean you are his property to use and discard like some random inanimate object. What it simply means is that he is entitled to receiving the respect that is due to him as the head of the house.

Personally, I have no problem with submitting to my future husband. If it is what makes him happy, I will have no problem with kneeling before him to give him his food or whatever (because you can kneel before a man for various other reasons hahaha) BUT this will only happen if I respect and love this man and I am assured that he is there for me, that he has my back, that he is a capable leader of our family, a good father to our children, my protector, lover and friend. Without that haulume shasha. Guys, let me let you in on a secret, if you genuinely do the above for your women, respect and submission is automatic no doubt. You won’t even have  to ask. Munoitirwa minana mudzimba umo and you will have a permanent smile on your face. But it’s a two way thing, it’s give and take.

Now, the problem I see these days is that a lot of people do not want to move with the times and realise that we are now in 2016 and not 1916. In our grandmother’s era or indeed even some of our mother’s times, women did not have as much choice to do what they wanted to do with their lives. A lot of them did not get any education past their “O” Levels. They were expected to get married before 25 and start a family, stay at home and look after their husbands and children. The men are the ones who went out to work and bring home the bacon. A lot of these women depended on their husbands for their well being such that whatever the husband said was law. If he cheated or abused her, she stayed “for the kids” and also because her family would most probably tell her to go back to her husband. Fast forward to now and women are a lot more self sufficient. We are educated and employed. If my husband abuses me, I have the option to leave him and still be able to look after myself and my children. I can question what he says because guess what? I am also a thinking human being with a God given brain. Unfortunately, a lot of men think that when a woman questions them, she is “refusing to submit”. Erm, no daddy, I’m questioning you so I can understand better and I might even have a better idea!

The way I see it, instead of also growing and developing together with their women, a lot of men are behaving like toddlers that are walking a few steps behind their mommy. They stop and start screaming that they’ve been left behind instead of running along and catching up. Guys, times have changed. We are not going back to 1950 mufunge. Y’all need to step up your game and get with the programme because I promise you, most women, even the most die hard feminists will respect a man who is exactly that, a man. The problem is a lot of guys think that having different reproductive organs from a woman automatically entitles them to respect and submission. Men don’t want to be men but want the benefits of a man.

I used think my views on this topic are utopian but then I have come across the kinds of men I would have no problems submitting to so I KNOW they exist. For example, check this brother out. He gets it. He was talking a lot of sense throughout the discussion:


Someone recently accused me of hating men because I regularly call them out (I don’t, I love men, I actually get along with guys much more than girls…but that’s a story for another day) So to dispel such myths, I’m also going to talk to my sisters. Ladies, I think when you get married, get married for the right reasons. Get married to a man you love and respect already and who you know has the potential to be the man you need in your life. I’ve seen women get married to someone just because he is rich and then a year down the line she can’t stand the sight of him. Hakuna respect inobuda ipapo! Also ladies, in as much as we are now self sufficient and independent, I think we need to remember that this relationship business is teamwork. If you want it to work, we need to understand that the way men and women operate is different. Our needs and wants are different. Men need respect and to have their egos rubbed. We need to feel protected and loved (let me say many of us at least before I get ripped to shreds by the extreme feminists!).

In conclusion, I think both men and women need to stop pointing fingers at each other for not getting the kind of relationships they need and want. tumblr_nijftwZGjk1rmmq74o1_1280For any relationship to work teamwork and communication are key. Know what the other party needs and try your best to provide that.

This is such a huge topic that would require a lot more discussion I think but I always try to make my blog posts as short as possible to keep y’all actually interested! As always, I want to know what you guys think about this? Add your comments in the comments section below!