Hellooooo summer!!

Summer is here! Woohooooo! I know I’m not the only summer baby who is beside themselves with joy and delighted to see the back of winter! Summer means less clothes, more outdoor activities and lots of cocktails! I really don’t understand those people who claim they prefer winter over summer. Like…is everything o.k with you guys? Seriously? Anyway, as much as I love summer, there are two things that summer re-introduces to my life that I just cannot stand. First, all the creepy crawlies start running around and compete to give me heart failure every so often. Second, the lack of proper personal hygiene which becomes more apparent in summer. Today I want us to chat about the latter. People don’t seem to realise how their lack of good hygiene can affect the next person’s well-being, especially if that person is like me and has an acute sense of smell.

The following scene has unfortunately played out before me one too many times: I walk into a boardroom for a meeting. There’s a fine-looking brother sitting at the table, expensive suit and all. This is my lucky day I think to myself and go to sit next to him. He opens his mouth to introduce himself and that is when everything goes south. The stench that wafts from his mouth instantly makes me feel sick and dizzy. How, I think to myself, how can such a well put together man literally take my breath away? As we head full throttle into the summer months, let us take a look at some of the personal hygiene issues that a lot of people, unfortunately seem to overlook. With just a little effort, we can maintain some summertime freshness!

The basics: bathing and showering

Summertime Freshness

Let us start with the basics that everyone’s mama taught them. Soap and water. Take a bath or shower first thing in the morning before you start your day. Make sure that soap and water has access to all the nooks and crevices your body has! Taking a bath or a shower in the morning is expected but doing the same in the evening before bed is even better, especially during these scorching hot summer months.

Ladies, please take extra note of this point. Especially during “that time of the month”. Bathing twice a day during that time is non-negotiable. I’m sure most of us have been unfortunate enough to have encounters with those ladies who emit vile fumes from their nether regions during these times. I’m not sure whether the culprits cannot smell themselves or maybe they have just become accustomed to the pong? In any case, also make sure you change your sanitary wear regularly throughout the day so that you remain fresh and odour free.

Roll on and Antiperspirant

There are times I’ve seriously thought about lobbying the Ministry of Health so that roll on is provided everywhere for free. There’s nothing worse than inhaling two nostrils full of rancid, stale sweat. Ewww. Please, please, please people. Roll on or antiperspirant is a MUST. Those that don’t use roll on are bordering on being evil. Roll on is not expensive. $5 (or less I’m sure) can buy a good roll on which will last you  a while. There are all kinds of roll on available. Even for those that claim to have allergies, there are mild ones available for you.


If you have to choose between roll on and perfume or cologne, please, go with the roll on. However, it’s always nice to make sure you also smell good. A little spritz of perfume here and there is recommended. Note I said a little spritz. Some people end up dousing themselves with the whole bottle which ends up defeating the purpose of the perfume in the first place.

Oral Hygiene

Summertime Freshness
Your dodgy breath can send someone spinning!

Ah yes. Bad breath. This problem is an unfortunately common issue, especially amongst our male colleagues. Ideally, we are supposed to brush our teeth after each meal we consume. However, this is obviously not always possible with the busy lifestyles we lead (I do know someone though, who carries a toothbrush and toothpaste in her handbag!). Having said that, there is no excuse for not thoroughly brushing your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Make sure to clean your tongue when brushing your teeth as the tongue is where a lot of bad-odour producing bacteria is harboured. Regular use of dental floss is highly recommended as it can reach the little spaces between your teeth your toothbrush cannot. Also, make sure to drink lots of pure water throughout the day as this will also help to keep your mouth fresh.

Summertime Freshness
None of this please, braid lovers

Ladies please. That weave that you had installed six weeks ago is no longer fresh. Take it out. Yes, it may be the highest grade of Peruvian hair but guess what? After being stuck to your scalp for so long it is beginning to smell. That mixture of sweat from your scalp and your dandruff does not smell like roses. Take it out. Those of us who like braids, no one wants to see those clumps of dead skin and dirt that form at the root of the braid after its been left in for too long. Take care to change your hairstyles regularly and keep your hair and scalp clean.

Body hair

Armpit hair and pubic hair. Please. Let us strive to keep these areas as clean as possible. I shave these areas to help with the freshness and cleanliness. However, I know there’s a whole movement where people are refusing to shave armpits and other regions. That’s fine. It’s their bodies to with as they wish. Whatever your beliefs, just keep it clean and fresh so that it doesn’t negatively affect the next person. Here’s looking at you too #beardgang.

Wear fresh clean, clothes

It doesn’t matter how many times a day you bath or shower or whether you put on a $1,000 perfume, if you wear dirty clothes you.will.smell. This is especially true for our bachelors who may be too lazy to regularly wash their shirts (and underwear and socks). Fresh, clean clothes are half the battle when it comes to good hygiene. Gentlemen, let me stress the need to wear fresh socks every single day. Please. I’ve had several near death experiences after being unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire of someone’s dirty, reeking socks.

Also, in these summer months, try to wear lighter materials like pure cotton. This will help to keep you cool and assist in reducing excessive sweating.

Personal hygiene is a topic we could talk about all day and still not exhaust it but I think I have covered the basics. Just remember, your hygiene is not only about you. It also affects those around you in your day-to-day life. Good hygiene is not expensive. Just practice the basics and you’ll be on your way to having fabulous, fun and fresh summer! Let us all strive to keep our summertime freshness game at the highest level!  😎