Emancipation from mental slavery still needed

I’m following this post on Facebook where some ladies are sharing some of the worst customer service experiences they’ve had. Many of the complaints are about the poor service from government departments, evil nurses and till operators with stinky attitudes. Several people are also complaining about waiters who give different quality of service to different kinds of people. To be specific, black waiters who give crappy service to black diners but fall all over themselves when serving white diners. This is something I have personally observed and experienced, especially here in Zimbabwe. What is that all about though? You will walk into an establishment, wait around for someone to show you to your table, wait again for someone to give you your menu and wait several eons for someone to take your order. Someone will take a trip to the moon and back before you get your food. Let white diners walk in. Some of the waiters literally want to fight each other to serve them. Is this a tipping issue? Because if I’ve heard that white people do generally tip better than black people. But even if that is the issue, do you not think you are more likely to actually get a tip for giving me good service than acting like you’re doing me a favour or like I’m bothering you somehow? Again I will say I personally have noticed this thing with the waiters stands out more in Zimbabwe. I really haven’t noticed it that much anywhere else.

maidsOk. Let’s leave the waiters. Let us talk about maids, or to be PC, “helpers”. I have come across several posts on social media where black maids that work for black employers were complaining that they feel abused and degraded because they had been asked to wear uniforms by their employers. “Why should I be identified as a maid”? some of them were complaining. “Why am I not allowed to chill with the family and watch TV”? I mean some of the complaints were just ridiculous! Hello? You’re at work! Each job comes with it’s own terms and conditions. These are the same people who will happily sit at the back of a truck whilst their white employer rides with his pets in the front. Happily!

What is this thing that makes my fellow black people still think they need to please white quote-bob-marley-emancipate-yourselves-from-mental-slavery-none-but-89060people and treat their fellow blacks like trash? There are so many examples of this. I am in no way saying that whites should also be treated like trash. What I am saying is that everyone should be treated EQUALLY. My money is just a good as the next white person. Bob Marley’s Redemption Song comes to mind. We as black people, really need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds!

What other examples of this silliness have you come across? Do you know any waiters or helpers? Tag them in this post so they can tell us what the story is. Who knows, maybe they have legitimate reasons…

Lesson from the new POTUS

One thing I’ve been learning to do as I grow older is to take lessons from all types of situations. Things do not always go the way we want and we may even occasionally find ourselves in less than desirable circumstances. Whining and sulking about it, however, will not help us in any way. Instead, I’ve found it best to see what lessons you can draw from whatever is happening and see how you can use those lessons to better yourself.

Most of us before & during the elections…

I would like to think the majority of the world’s population was absolutely gobsmacked when they realised that Donald John Trump was actually going to be the 45th President of the United States, effectively making him the most powerful man on the planet. I remember when he announced he was going to run for the presidency. I thought it was a joke, I mean, this is Donald Trump guys. The loony businessman. I’m sure no one took him seriously. And yet. Here we are. He is POTUS!


So what has that got to do with learning lessons you might be wondering. Well, the one huge lesson I’ve leant from “the Donald” is simply that you can do anything, and I mean anything you set your mind on. It doesn’t matter how far-fetched or bizarre your goals might seem to others, if you are focused and know where you want to go, you will get there much to the shock and chagrin of the naysayers. Non-Trump supporters might talk and whine and whinge till the cows come home but guess what, he is in the White House and has most probably ticked off “become president of the United States” from his to-do list.

There’s some saying or quote I read about alleged “fools” getting things done more that those deemed wiser because they don’t over think things. They just go for it without thinking too much. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, too bad. But at least they try. They are not held back by what ifs, and trying to make things make sense.

I know none of you guys are fools but my challenge to you today is, even if you don’t like Donny, do take that one lesson from him. You really want to be the next president of your country? Go for it! You want to go on a trip to the moon? Go and talk to Richard Branson and make it happen! You’re 50 and you want to change your profession? Do it! Hell, you want that job that pays seven figures but you’re not qualified for it? Who cares?! Take it, it’s yours! You can always learn on the job! 🙂 Whatever it is that your heart truly desires, no matter how outrageous…GO FOR IT! If Donald can be POTUS, you can also do and be absolutely whatever you want!

Also. Remember this.

As for what I feel about this whole Donald being president situatio, well, that’s a post for another day 🙂

#2 Chronicles

So today I want to talk about these people who insist on doing “number 2″/pooping/taking a dump/crap/sh*t, at work. Just this morning, I was innocently walking to the ladies bathroom at work. Our ladies has a double door. I swing open the first door and am immediately slapped by this revolting pong. I make an immediate u-turn because if that stench can get through the first door, the inside must be smelling like actual death!

So this is my question, and it’s a genuine question. Why on earth do people decide to do #2 at work? Why? Whhhhhy? Listen, I understand there are times when one is ill and you have the runs and you cannot help it. What I don’t understand is these people who insist on carrying their loads from their respective houses only to offload them at work. Do they have any idea how taking in a lung-full of their noxious gases affects some of us? I kid thee not, my chest is feeling some time of way right now **sob**  And please, don’t give me the “People have to answer nature as and when it calls”. A lot of people I know, myself included, were taught from a young age that you do your business before you bath first thing in the morning and if you’re poop-happy like me, before your evening bath. I mean, don’t you just feel a bit iky if you take a dump and not bath afterwards? It’s something you can actually train your body to do. Also, you might end up with a homicide charge because I don’t know what some of you people eat but damn, the smell is out of this world!

If you’re a culprit, please, STOP IT **Dr Amai voice** If you’re not, have you ever had a similar experience to mine? How did you deal with it? Let me know in the comments section!


Shout-out to all to the superwomen out there!

I’m back at school AGAIN. Lol. Law school. I’ll put up a post on how I ended up doing that later on in the year so keep checking! So anyway. Law school means a shit load of reading and researching and it takes up A LOT of time. I think it is demanding for those doing it full time and even more demanding for those of us also at work full time and have taken on a full load!

My life now is waking up in the morning, going to work, back home, assignments and discussions till midnight, sleep, and the cycle begins again. Weekends are for catching up on the never ending reading material. So I got thinking the other night. Things are hectic for me like this and yet I’m not married and neither do I have children. How, tell me HOW my sisters who are wives and mothers are coping??? Imagine if I was married and had two little children. My day would most probably start at like 4:30 am. I’d wake up, prepare lunch boxes for the little ones (and possibly the dad too if he so desires), bath the little minions, get myself ready for work, make sure everyone has had something to eat, give whatever instructions to the maid, go to work, possibly have to do the school run if hubby can’t make it, do my actual job, leave at 5pm (if I’m lucky), get back home, make dinner, bath the kids (I don’t want maids bathing my children), hubby most probably will want some loving and then I’ll have assignments which require tons of reading! I mean the heck?! Of course one hopes and prays that hubby won’t be a complete prick and not lift a finger to help me and that he will also pull his weight, but still, it’s a hard life y’all!

So in light of this, I’d like to acknowledge all the women in similar situations to the above.

Superwomen is what you are!


You guys are A-M-A-Z-I-NG. You really are. You are super-beings. You are warriors. You are incredible. I don’t know how you do it. I really don’t! If I ever find myself in that situation, I pray I will be able to pull it off as well.


Well done and keep it up. Don’t stop until you get what’s yours!

When Big Brother leaves the playground: The Pastor E Conundrum – QF Chido Mash weighs in…

This post! It lays out everything I’ve been wanting to blog about this #ThisFlag and Pastor Evan situation but in a much more calm and factual manner lol. I was ready to go iiiiin on people lol. What annoys me the most about all these people who are complaining and pointing fingers at Pastor E is the fact that they seem to be directing more venom at him than at the actual source of their and indeed the nation’s problems. Many of them don’t have the balls to do so so I guess Pastor E is just a soft target. Zimbabweans! So easily distracted and hoodwinked!

Anyhoo, check out this article and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


I have been observing the latest turn of events in the #ThisFlag protest movement with keen interest as well as growing dismay as scores  of Zimbabweans, who only a few weeks ago were lauding Pastor Evan Mawarire as a “hero” and Zimbabwe’s hope for a better tomorrow, are now tearing into him on various social media platforms. He stands accused at best of being a coward who deserted his followers when they needed him most and at worst, of being a political fraud who manipulated the emotions of the people of Zimbabwe as a means of getting asylum in the United States.

In my view, the first accusation is unfair as it fails to take into account the following key observations:

  • Pastor Evan never set out to be the leader of a protest movement. He was just a frustrated citizen who like millions of Zimbabweans, found himself in the unenviable…

View original post 1,263 more words

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