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Congratulations to Leo! FINALLY!💃🏽💃🏽

I don’t usually want to comment on the goings on in Celebville on my blog BUT there’s no way I can’t give my 2 cents on Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY getting that much deserved Oscar!

leo1Now, those who went to high school with me might recall how I absolutely LOVED Leo. I was like totally smitten lol. My parents even started calling him their son-in-law 😂 But I got over it as teenagers often do. However, I still think Leo is an unbelievably  brilliant actor and it baffles me why his talent seems to be so underplayed?! Just like thousands of other fans globally, I was always gutted over the years when he was nominated for an Oscar but never got one. This year I was totally prepared to start worldwide riots if he hadn’t gotten that Best Actor Oscar!

The way I’m so happy for him one would think I know him personally! We can also learn a lesson or two from him. Never give up. Always give your all and be patient!

Well done Leo and congratulations!