You guys won’t believe how many music related posts are just chilling in my drafts. Sooo many! Every-time I go through my drafts I’m like “Whaaaaat?! I can’t believe I haven’t finished this post on so and so”. I was listening to Riri the other day and I COULDN’T believe I hadn’t shared a post on my favourite songs of hers (I know I says this all the time but yeah…).

I absolutely love Rihanna. I know we can never really know what kind of person these celebrities are but I love the kind of person Riri portrays herself as. As far as I know, she is un-problematic, has no drama and no beef with anyone. She’s just out there, securing her bag, dating her Saudi billionaire boyfriend and living her best life. I also love how she owns her sexuality and is not afraid to express it. 

I know a lot of Rihanna fans are tired of waiting for new music from her. I honestly feel like she’s hung up her singing boots and just didn’t tell us. But then again, she could just drop an album out of nowhere🤷🏾‍♀️Either way, I’m just happy she seems to be enjoying her life as is and I’m here for it.

Also, she and I are both members of the #foreheadgang woohoo!😜

I know I usually try to stick to 10 songs per post but sorry (not sorry), that’s just not possible with Ri. So. Here are my favourite 15 Riri songs. 

Enjoy and feel free to add your faves in the comments section.


Wild Thoughts

Pour it Up

The video for this song is defo NSFW lol. Also, imagine how ridiculously fit those strippers are to be able to make all those moves!


I still don’t know what she says after “Work, work, work, work, work, work”…

Where have you been

Where have you been?
‘Cause I never see you out
Are you hiding from me, yeah?
Somewhere in the crowd


Love Song ft Future


This is what you came for

Calvin Harris and Ri = perfection. Come to think of it, I should so a post on my favourite Calvin Harris songs…🤔

Needed Me


Honestly this song should have had a video to go along with it. Ri can employ me to direct one if she wants. I’m pretty sure I can do a fabulous job!



Russian Roulette

Jesse Williams looking fine AF in this 🤤


This used to be my morning song like 10 years ago lol. I’d be blasting it in my car in the mornings, hyping myself up and trying to get in the right frame of mind for the new day😄

“And my runway never looked so clear
I’m the hottest bitch in heels right here
No fear, and while you getting your cry on, I’m getting my fly on
Sincere, I see you aiming at my pedestal,
I betta let ya’ know
That I, I, I, I’m so hard (So hard) ah yeah, yeah, yeah”



Yes, I know it’s 16 not 15 songs but…did you die?