I’m really REALLY excited to share today’s Music Monday! Michael Jackson guys! I’m listening to my MJ playlist whilst I’m tying this. This man was nothing short of genius. He really was waaaaay beyond his time. I have no doubt in like 2200 his music will still be banging. He had something that, in my opinion, no other artist has ever had. Yes he was talented, but beyond that, he had something that really pulled people to him. Just search on YouTube and check out a few of his concerts and see how absolutely crazy people went.

I remember when I was a toddler (3 or 4 years old), MJ and Bob Marley were my absolute favourites. I probably used to spend a lot of time butchering their song lyrics too🤣.

I’m not going to dwell much on MJ’s life, the whole plastic surgery thing and his death. In my opinion, I feel like he really needed some genuine psychological help and that he probably failed to cope with his immense fame. Unfortunately, it’s obvious he was surrounded by rabid leeches who were more interested in getting whatever they could get of his wealth for themselves. I honestly felt sorry for him. I really really do wish someone had helped him.

Another thing I find interesting about MJ is the way he had all the ladies from all walks of life positively swooning over him and yet, he was not your typical, rugged macho man. You could say he was quite feminine actually. Same thing with Prince. Mmmm. That’s an interesting conversation we can unpack another day.

Anyhoo, let’s get to the music shall we. If you don’t have at least ONE MJ song on your list of favourites, we really can’t be friends. Byeeee! I’m going to try to stick to my usual list of ten, but this is MJ, I really can’t promise🤷🏾‍♀️


Remember The Time

Iman looking stunning as always.

Dirty Diana

This is one of my favourite amoung favourite MJ songs. Love it to bits! And that guitar work from Steve Stevens is just 👌🏾

Liberian Girl

You don’t even what to know the lyrics we used to put to this song when we were kids😂😂

Stranger in Moscow

Listen to the lyrics of this song. He really was talking about himself here.

Give In To Me

Another favourite amoung favourites. And also, great guitar work from Slash (Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist).

Rock With You

Y’all have no idea how much I love LOVE this song!!

Slave To The Rhythm

The one thing I really loved about MJ is you could tell how much hard work and effort he put into his routines and music videos. In my opinion, the only other other artist I have seen whose work ethic comes close is Beyoncé.


Featuring little sis Janet.

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Love love love LOVE it!

Leave Me Alone

Again listen to these lyrics. Maybe I’m overthinking it 🤷🏾‍♀️. Someone in the YT comments for this song said this is the national anthem for introverts and I completely agree😁

Another Part of Me

Watching the beginning of this video, wow. Imagine if that was your life all day everyday. Wild.

Will You Be There?

I feel like this is such a sad song.

Tell Me Will You Hold Me
When Wrong, Will You Scold Me
When Lost Will You Find Me?
But They Told Me
A Man Should Be Faithful
And Walk When Not Able
And Fight Till The End
But I’m Only Human
Everyone’s Taking Control Of Me
Seems That The World’s
Got A Role For Me
I’m So Confused
Will You Show To Me
You’ll Be There For Me
And Care Enough To Bear Me

Smooth Criminal

I am 99% sure few songs have had their lyrics butchered more than this one. Come on, admit it! Also, this is the song with the famous leaning stunt.

Why (with 3T)

Love this song he did with his nephews. (Fun fact: I used to have a crush on Taryll in high school lol).


They Don’t Care About Us

Oh Michael. You have no idea how things have gone downhill since you made this song.


You Are Not Alone




Can’t be a fan without thriller on your list! Also, these days we have Chris Brown and Usher who are brilliant dancers, but MJ is the OG!! (This is also the source of one of our favourite gifs of MJ eating popcorn LOL).

Any there you have it. My favourite 17 (LOL) Michael Jackson songs. Which are your faves? Surely you must have at least one?? Let me know in the comments section!

Ciao for now!