Hello boys and girls. How is everyone? No, how are you really? I hope you are better than the last time you stopped by and if you’re not, I hope you will be the next time you do 😉 And me? Well, thank you for asking. I’m just 2020-ing along. This is me 99% of this year👉🏽


Today’s Music Monday has a little bit of a twist. There have been many TV series over the years where I’m sure we’ve all absolutely loved the theme songs. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but today’s TV series’ theme songs just don’t cut it anymore. It may also have something to do with the fact that I really don’t watch that much TV now unless it’s NatGeo, History channel, cooking shows or news channels😬 Anyway. Here’s a list of my faves, mainly from my childhood. Enjoy!

Knight Rider

I meeeeean! If you didn’t wait for this on Saturday afternoons as a kid, then I don’t know man. This was one of my favourite TV programmes and that song was and still is fire!


The Never Ending Story

I was very young when this was on TV. I don’t remember much about the actual show except that I really liked it as well as the theme song.


Yes, I know this is a REALLY old theme song but this is the one I like and the one I grew up on (You can blame ZBC for recycling 1960s TV programmes probably to this day!)

Round the Twist

If you’re a fellow early 80s baby, you will definitely love this one and probably still know all the lyrics!

Sesame Street – Pinball Number Count

I love love loved singing along to this. It’s probably still a great sing-a-long for your little ones to help them learn how to count.

Spartakus And The Sun Beneath the Sea

I’ve seen so many people hating on Spartakus and I just don’t understand why. This was literally one of my absolute favourite aminations as a kid and I still love love this theme song! S/O to everyone else who enjoyed this series, you guys are the real MVPs!!

ZBC News

If you’re Zimbabwean then you’ll definitely instantly recognise this drum beat even in your sleep!😁 I personally liked it. It was uniquely Zimbabwean (although the graphics were horrendous lol). 

Santa Barbara

Most of us used to sneak in to watch this, chilling behind the sofa or behind the door because we were supposed to have gone to bed when it came on lol. But I’d know that theme song anywhere!


Magnum PI

I think this was out at around the same time as Knight Rider? Can’t remember. This reminds me of my dad though. I remember I used to watch it with him most times and I thought he kinda looked Tom Selleck simply because he also had a stache at that time😄


One of THE most successful movie franchises ever. I’m a huge Bond fan. I wonder who is going to be bond after Daniel Craig (who btw is probably my least favourite Bond). I’ve heard rumours of Idris and Henry Cavill? But I have my unpopular opinions about those two (story for another day). Who do you think should be the next Bond? 

I’m also pissed that the release date for No Time To Die has been moved to April 2021 because of the pandemic. Who says things will be better then? We could be dealing with an alien invasion by then and watching movies will be THE last thing on anyone’s mind🙄


Mission Impossible

I think we need other people to play Ethan Hunt please. Personally, I’m tired of Tom. Why can’t they change people like they do with Bond? Anyhoo, there was a time I had this song as my ringing tone for a while🙈

Game of Thrones

I almost did not include this one because now I’m all in my feelings AGAIN about how those two muppets, D & D, c*cked up Season 8 of GoT 🤬🤬 *breathes in and out slowly to clam down* Anyway, I absolutely love love this performance. I know it’s like 5 mins long but listen to the end. Love love love!!

Those are some of the TV series or movie theme songs that stand out for me. What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Until next time.