Hellurrr there everyone! Happy new year and all that. If you are reading this, that means you made it out of the horror story that was 2020 and for that, I am grateful😬. I really hope we all have an infinitely better 2021 because I don’t know how many of us can survive another hectically shitty year. Anyhoo. Let’s get to the reason why we are all here. The music. La musique!

My dad was a HUGE Roxette fan. I remember listening to their music a lot when I was probably 5 or so and I’ve been a fan since then. For those who don’t know, Roxette was a Swedish pop-rock duo made up of  Marie Fredriksson (may her soul rest in peace) and Per Gessle. In my humble opinion, Roxette has such great sing-a-long songs! You can’t not start singing along whenever their music is playing! *Sigh* great music from a time when lyrics were coherent and meaningful!

Let’s dive in! Here are my top 10 Roxette songs. Enjooooy!

It Must Have Been Love

From the Pretty Woman soundtrack. Love love it! (Can you believe I watched Pretty Woman for the first time last year? Lockdown makes you do things I tell ya, lol).

Listen To Your Heart


Fading Like A Flower

I looove this song!

Almost Unreal

I love when you do that hocus pocus to me.
The way that you touch, you’ve got the power to heal.
You give me that look, it’s almost unreal. It’s almost unreal.

The Look

Lionda and I used to BUTCHER the lyrics to this song when we were kids😅


Another one with massacred lyrics…

Spending My Time

How Do You Do?

Queen of Rain

Wish I Could Fly

One of my absolute Roxette faves.

I wish I could fly
Out in the blue
Over this town
Following you
I’d fly over rooftops
The great boulevards
To try to find out
Who you really are
Who you really are


And there you have my Roxette favourites. Anyone else a fan? Let me know which you favourites tracks are. Thank you for reading (and listening). Until next week, ciao!